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About The Scoliosis Back Brace

Before we can discuss a back brace for scoliosis, it is important that you know what scoliosis is. It is a medical condition in which a person has an abnormal side-to-side or lateral curvature of their spine. When a person has scoliosis the curves of their spine can be classified according to their shape. These include:
• Levoscoliosis-it forms a “C” shape and the curvature is towards the left.
• Dextroscoliosis-it forms a backward “C” shape and the curvature is to the right.
• Dextroscoliosis-it forms an “S” shape and there are two curves in the spinal column.
The scoliosis back brace is generally the treatment that is used for any curves which attain twenty-five degrees. Once the physician determines that wearing a brace is the right treatment then the child will usually have to wear a back brace until their spine quits growing, which can mean that it will be worn for many years. Most of these braces have to be worn all the time, even during sleep. They can be taken off when they take a shower or bath. It is very important that they wear the back brace all the time because the objective is to keep their spine aligned properly at all times. This helps encourage the spine to grow straight. Some may be permitted to take the brace off for sixty minutes each day to take part in activities like swimming.
In times past the Milwaukee brace was the only available type of scoliosis back brace. It was an effective brace but it was bulky. It also had metal bars that immobilized the neck and was impossible to cover the brace. Today the brace most commonly used is called the Boston brace. The brace starts under your arms and is able to be totally covered with some type of clothing. It is considered a low-profile brace. It is a form-fitting back brace and made of plastic, which is a bit more comfortable. Some braces, like the Providence or Charleston were worn only when sleeping but they are not used as much as the Boston brace.
Generally the scoliosis back brace is worn over an undershirt or t-shirt to help prevent irritation to your skin. It is preferred that the shirts be one hundred percent cotton. You will also have to do brace maintenance and cleaning along with monitoring your skin to make sure there is no irritation or other issues. At first it can seem uncomfortable but as you get use to it you can resume all your normal activities. Wear it as tight as possible to keep it from rubbing against your skin.

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